The Antagonizing Ants

The Antagonizing Ants

Keeping Pests Away from Your Air Conditioning Unit

by Megan Schmidt

If you use an air conditioning unit to cool your home in warmer months, you will want to take the necessary steps in protecting the outside portion from being used as a roosting or nesting area for birds, rodents, squirrels, or insects. Failing to take precautions can lead to the dispersal of bacteria into the vented portion of your air conditioner, and that bacteria can get inside of your home. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your air conditioner remains pest free

Use Plastic to Cover the Exterior Portion

Purchase heavy duty plastic wrap to cover the outside parts of your air conditioning unit when it will not be needed for an extended time period. This plastic is often used to cover furniture when moving, and it comes in a roll form. Smaller animals and insects will be unable to penetrate the covering, and larger ones will not want build nests upon its slippery surface, keeping your air conditioner protected until you decide to use it again. An air conditioner cover can then be placed over the plastic for added protection against pest invasions.

Clean the Unit Before Warmth Hits

Cleaning out your air conditioner will ensure the air that flows out of it is not contaminated in any way. It will also aid in the removal of any small insects that may be harbored inside. Remove any covering you have on the unit and make sure the unit is unplugged before you start the cleaning process. Use a brush vacuum cleaner attachment to eliminate any debris you find inside of the unit. This attachment should be positioned a bit away from the coils so it does not damage them during cleaning. If necessary, wipe down the coils with a mild detergent mixed with water and allow them to dry before attempting to plug the unit in. 

Add Some Deterrents Near The Unit

Making the air conditioner feel like an unattractive place to set up camp will help in keeping animals and insects away from it. Consider placing a peppermint plant near the window your unit is located to help keep insects and mice away. Foil can be affixed to trees near the side of your home where the air conditioning unit is located, or compact discs can be taped to the side of your home or hung from your rooftop to help scare away birds from the area. An owl decoy can also be placed nearby to keep smaller pests and birds from getting too close as well.


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