The Antagonizing Ants

The Antagonizing Ants

5 Myths About Bed Bugs to Shoo Away

by Megan Schmidt

There is no doubt that bed bugs are scary creatures. Unfortunately, myths about bed bugs and bed-bug control can make these creatures seem even scarier. Do you find yourself believing any of these? You might want to bug off with these pesky myths.

1. Bed bugs bite and then instantly leave.

The reality is that bed bugs bite and latch on to feed for minutes at a time. They feed until they become engorged before you have a chance to notice. You may be able to catch one in the act if you really take the time to look.

2. Bed-bug bites are always painful.

Actually, many bed-bug bites don't hurt at all initially. They often don't feel uncomfortable at all until they become welts with an intense itch.

3. You only need to clean your bed and linens in case of a bed-bug infestation.

Actually, there are many places these insects can hide. They even invade plaster and wallpaper, meaning you may need to make some improvements to your home to see them off for good. You should also eliminate any clutter or mess from around your bed as well as replace your mattress.

4. You can use any pesticide to get rid of bed bugs.

You should only use pesticides that are intended for use against bed bugs. Additionally, you should always use pesticides exactly as recommended and always be aware that some could be harmful to pets. Plus, bed bugs can build an immunity to certain types of pesticides.

5. Bed bugs are nearly invisible.

Bed bugs are actually pretty easy to see without the help of a magnifying glass, even when they are still in eggs. You may need to really take a long look for them to really see if they are there.

6. Only dirty houses get bed bugs.

Bed bugs actually aren't attracted to dirt. They enjoy living in warm areas that offer access to blood, and that's it. The only reason bed bugs are more likely to be found among cluttered areas is because they have easier places to hide. Additionally, bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases.

Your best chances of having your bed bugs leave is hiring an exterminator. Exterminators are well versed in the correct types of pesticide to use to kill bed bugs and keep them away. Call your local extermination company for an idea of how you can eliminate these pests for good.


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The Antagonizing Ants

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