The Antagonizing Ants

The Antagonizing Ants

Tips For Dealing With Boxelder Bugs In Your Home

by Megan Schmidt

If your yard is home to a boxelder maple tree or there's even one growing in your neighbor's yard, there's a strong likelihood that you'll encounter boxelder bugs indoors at some point. Although these black and orange-red bugs don't bite or cause overt damage, they can be a hassle because they can accumulate on windows and sliding doors and leave a mess with their droppings. You'll often see these bugs on the siding of your home, but also indoors — especially when the temperature begins to fall toward the end of the summer. While you shouldn't hesitate to call a pest control service for this problem, here are some solutions for addressing the issue yourself.

Limit The Ways To Enter Your Home

While boxelder bugs and other small insects have the ability to enter a home through tiny cracks, this journey becomes even easier when there are unaddressed openings through which to travel. Take steps to limit the ways that boxelder bugs can enter your home. For example, check the seals around your sliding doors and windows and apply caulking as needed. Likewise, check your driver vent; if there are any cracks between it and the siding of your home, fill them with caulking.

Deal With Them Outside

It's a concern when you see large groups of boxelder bugs gathering in areas outside your home, such as around your deck or patio. In many cases, you'll soon find many of these insects inside. You can limit the number that enter the home by dealing with them outside. While your local pest control service can also handle this situation, you can use readily available substances such as boiling water and vinegar to kill the bugs. Although doing so might make you cringe a little, there's also nothing wrong with the old-fashioned approach of stepping on them — this is easy because boxelder bugs tend to group together outdoors.

Relocate Your Wood Pile

If you have a wood-burning stove and you keep your wood pile next to the home, it's smart to think about relocating it. The close proximity of the wood provides an ideal living space for boxelder bugs (not to mention many other pests), and the last thing you want to do is to encourage them to reside immediately next to your home. Before the arrival of winter, take some time to remove the wood pile, clean up the area, and stack the wood somewhere else in your yard. 

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The Antagonizing Ants

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