The Antagonizing Ants

The Antagonizing Ants

4 Outdoor Spots To Have Your Flea Exterminator Treat

by Megan Schmidt

Fleas thrive in hot and humid weather, making it ideal for them to appear on pets and family members during the summer months. Along with exterminating the pests from inside your home, there are key areas on the exterior of your home that an exterminator should focus on. By protecting the exterior of your family home, you can help prevent fleas from getting inside, nesting, and reproducing. When hiring a flea exterminator, you can request the following locations as a part of the service.

Home Entry Walkways

Fleas can live and lay eggs in small patches of soil. One of the more vulnerable areas on the exterior of your home are entry walkways. Small cracks in cement or rock formations make great homes for fleas. Once the area has been treated for fleas, you can use weed killer or resurfacing to help prevent the pests from returning to this area.

Shrubs & Bushes

The soil found underneath shrubs and bushes on your home is an ideal place to collect moisture and humidity for fleas to live in. A flea exterminator can apply a treatment to all of the shrubs and bushes on the exterior of your home. Instead of removing these plants, you can keep your curb appeal and keep fleas away at the same time.

Children's Play Areas

Backyard slides, swing sets, and wooden play sets may all act as attractants for fleas that are seeking hot and humid areas. If left untreated, the fleas can easily jump off the equipment and get carried into the home by way of the child. A pest control worker can focus on specific areas including corners and posts that dig into the ground. Areas underneath slides and swings can also be treated to help protect your children and get rid of the fleas.

Pet Waste Areas

Any type of dog house or animal pen is an obvious area to treat on the exterior of your home, but you should also keep track of any pet waste areas. Look for areas where dogs or cats often use the bathroom. This can be an attractant to fleas as they make nests and then jump on the animals while they go to the bathroom. An exterminator can treat patches of grass, areas of soil, or even trees in the yard where the pets go to the bathroom. Once treated, you can let your animal freely use nature's bathroom without getting a flea infestation.

By getting treatments done on these outdoor areas, you will be more likely to keep the fleas out of your home.


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The Antagonizing Ants

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