The Antagonizing Ants

The Antagonizing Ants

Ways To Keep Mosquitoes From Taking Over Your Backyard

by Megan Schmidt

It's frustrating when you have to rush back indoors when the sun goes down because of mosquitoes. When the pests get out of control, you can't use your yard in the evening unless you coat yourself with repellent spray. If you have a pool, patio, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen, it's nice if you can use them any hour you want without worry about being bitten by the pests. An exterminator can help you achieve this goal through the use of pesticides that kill adult mosquitoes and the elimination of breeding grounds that allow larvae to thrive. Here are a few things that help keep mosquitoes under control.


Pesticide can be applied in a variety of ways. The pest control company may fog your yard or install a misting system that kicks on automatically during times of peak mosquito activity. Pesticide is effective at killing adult mosquitoes, but it may not kill larvae. For that reason, you'll have to combine the use of pesticides with measures that prevent breeding in order to get the best results.


Traps may be helpful as well, especially if you don't want to use pesticides. You could use an electric zapper light that draws bugs to the light and then zaps them when they enter the cage. Other traps draw the mosquitoes to them by emitting carbon dioxide. The insects follow the sent into the trap and get caught inside where they dehydrate and die.


You can buy repellents to spray on yourself or around the yard. You can also buy candles, coils, and torches to burn that keep mosquitoes away. These only offer short term results, but they may be helpful if you just want to keep the pests away for an evening cookout. A pest control company can spray your yard with mosquito repellent fogger that lasts much longer, and you can maintain its effects with regular applications of the repellent during peak mosquito season.

You'll get the best results with the above forms of mosquito control if you also get rid of all standing water on your property. Mosquitoes don't need very much water at all to breed. Be sure to look for places on your property such as fencing, and equipment such as lawnmowers and grill covers, that allow small puddles of water to form after it rains.

The puddles may be enough to allow mosquitoes to breed before the water evaporates. Even certain types of plants hold enough water in their stems and flowers for mosquitoes to breed. A pest expert can help you identify breeding areas on your property you may overlook. In addition to water, mosquitoes like to live among weeds and tall grass. Maintaining your property not only keeps it looking nice, it may go a long way towards keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay.

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