The Antagonizing Ants

The Antagonizing Ants

Pros And Cons Of Tenting For Drywood Termites

by Megan Schmidt

As a homeowner, you rightly feel responsible for your house's welfare, and you may feel that tenting the house and infusing it with chemicals is an unnecessarily invasive treatment for the problem of termites. But before you refuse your exterminator's professional advice on the matter, consider these pros and cons of using the tenting technique to treat for termites.


1. Protects your house from escapees

Even if you and your exterminator both agree that the termites are limited to one area of the house for now, you can't be sure that a few won't escape before treatment and set up a colony in another part of the house. Fumigation will make sure they don't have the opportunity to do this by treating every part of the house with chemicals so any termites who try to escape will fail and die. In this way, tenting and fumigation protect your house from continuing termite damage and give you peace of mind that no termite infestation remains.

2. One and done

If you opt for localized treatment, and then a swarm appears again next year, it could be that the infestation was more extensive than you realized. Or it could be that a new infestation has formed after termites once again gained access to your house. But either way, it means you'll have to go through the entire treatment process again, which is not only inconvenient but also bad for your budget. 

3. The only effective way to treat an extensive infestation

If the termites aren't localized in one small area but have spread throughout the house, contractors will recommend only fumigation rather than spot treatment. This is because the more extensive the termite colony is, the less likely it is for any spot treatment (whether heat, cold, or chemical treatment) to be 100% effective.

4. Good value for the price

Although tenting is admittedly a lengthy and somewhat pricey procedure, it's worth it when you consider the structural rebuilding that will have to be done if termites aren't stopped. And for the price of tenting, you get professional attention, whole-house treatment, and monitoring to let you know when it's safe to return.


1. Inconvenience

One of the biggest cons of this method is that you do have to live somewhere else for two or three days while the treatment is going on. You'll also have to remove all plants and animals from the house and bag up certain belongings such as food before the treatment occurs.

2. Possible side effects

Although your professional exterminator won't let you back in the house until it's safe, the chemicals used can cause moderate reactions even after they've been reduced to safe levels. You may experience cold-like symptoms due to the chemicals irritating your eyes and throat.

3. Price

If your budget doesn't allow for significant expenses and you don't have an emergency fund, tenting may not be possible for you at this juncture. If you have a significant termite problem, you may choose spot cleaning and then save up for tenting, or you may just save your money now and have the fumigation done as soon as possible. Forgoing the treatment altogether is not a wise decision for your budget or your home.

As you can see, tenting is an optional procedure for a minor termite infestation, but it can still be more reliable than the alternatives. And for dealing with an infestation that's grown to epic proportions while you weren't looking, tenting is really the only viable option.

To learn more, contact a commercial pest control company. 


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