The Antagonizing Ants

The Antagonizing Ants

3 Things You Need To Know About Getting The Most Out Of Pest Control

by Megan Schmidt

Many homeowners deal with bugs in their house. And even though they might hire professional exterminators, they still may have problems. Sadly, there are some things that people do that prevent the exterminators from getting the best results possible. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that the bugs stay out of your home.

1. Have The Exterminators Come Year Round

One of the biggest misconceptions is that the bugs only come during the summer. Pest control companies do get much more business in the summer because people notice the bugs. However, just because you don't notice the bugs in the winter doesn't mean that they are not there. In fact, in the colder seasons, the bugs may be nesting the house waiting to hatch. That means that by the time you notice the bugs in the summer, the problem has already become too large to easily control.

Instead, you should have professional exterminators like Choice Pest Control come in every season. This way, the pesticide that is sprayed will help to prevent the bugs from nesting. This will keep the bugs under control year round.

2. Request the Exterminators Spray The Yard As Well As The House

Just because you only have noticed in the bugs in the house doesn't mean that the exterminator should only spray in the house. The yard is where many of the bugs will nest and sprout new eggs and bugs. This means that even though you might have killed all the bugs in your house, there are bound to be more because they are growing right outside your door.

Thus, when you have the exterminators come, make sure they spray outside. In addition, they can usually spray on a wet or dry day. It shouldn't affect the pesticide, so don't worry if the outdoors are wet. 

3. Seal The Doors and Windows

Bugs are going to enter the house through any cracks in the door or windows, even though the exterminators came and sprayed pesticide. You need to prevent new bugs from entering the house by sealing the doors and windows.

You should use some chalk or weather stripping and put it around the windows and doors. In addition, if you have any cracks in your basement, you should seal those too. If the bugs don't have any way to get into the house, you've already won half the battle.

By doing these simple things you can keep your home safe from bugs entering and nesting in your home. 


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The Antagonizing Ants

Growing up, I lived in a home with a major ant problem. These pesky insects were especially bothersome during the driest months of summer. Without a moment’s notice, my parents, my sister, and I would find them crawling on our beds, our clothes, or our bodies. My father exhausted all means of eliminating the ants from our home. If you are dealing with a similar situation, don’t lose hope. An experienced pest control specialist can help you get rid of your antagonizing ants for good. This professional will investigate both the exterior and interior of your home in order to determine the proper solution for your problem. On this blog, you will learn the ways a pest control specialist can obliterate the ants on your property.