The Antagonizing Ants

The Antagonizing Ants

How to Identify Mold Growing inside the House

by Megan Schmidt

Mold growing on the inside of house is an extreme hazard that must be dealt with immediately. Mold is toxic and long-term exposure to mold can have severe health complications to a person's respiratory system. Here are a number of warning signs that begin to show when mold has begun to grow inside the house.

Foul Smell

Mold will often omit a foul sour smell in the area where it has been growing. If you smell something unpleasant then sniff the surrounding area to see if you can locate the source of the odor. If you can find the source you will most likely be able to visibly see a white or black spot where the mold is growing.

Black Spots on the Walls

Mold will often show warning signs that will begin to take shape in the form of black spots that appear on walls. Mold can often disguise itself as dirt, which is why it is important to make sure that areas like basement or an attic are properly cleaned every three months to check for spots. The spots can also be different colors such as white and brown or other discolorations that can be seen with the human eye. If you begin to see spots you should also check area that are not visible like behind drywall, as it could uncover much larger areas of mold that have been hiding and able to grow.

Rotten Wood

Inside the home generally mold will begin to develop where there has been a water leak over a long period of time. If the after comes into contact with wood the wood will eventually begin to rot. You can take a look for signs of mold inside a basement or attic by checking for rotted would with a screwdriver. Take the screwdriver and poke it around the wood and make sure that it is sold and there are no soft spots. If you find soft spots that means that rot has begun to set in and there is most likely some type of water leaking onto that area of the wood. Find the water leak and you will most likely find that mold has begun to take root in the area.

If you see signs of mold inside your house it is important to call a mold remediation expert to inspect the home immediately. A mold expert like AK Pest Control CVA. Inc. will have the necessary experience and tools to be able to remove the mold safely. They can also come back and do regular check-ups to ensure that mold has not returned after it has been removed.


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The Antagonizing Ants

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