The Antagonizing Ants

The Antagonizing Ants

How To Deal With Cockroach "Stealth" Behaviors

by Megan Schmidt

Have you seen the amazing video of the cockroach that seems to break the laws of physics by disappearing under a table when fleeing a human? Oh, you've seen it in real life? That's not too surprising: cockroaches are intelligent little vermin with a wide arsenal of stealth behaviors that help them stay nearly invisible.

Thankfully, you can eliminate the effectiveness of these hiding techniques by using the following roach control methods. They may not help you destroy all the roaches from your home, but they can help you point your roach exterminator in the right direction.

Spray Your Home with Cat Nip

Catnip is an interesting substance: while it will boggle your cat's mind in joy, it will instantly repel any cockroach that gets a whiff of it. Spreading soft catnip around your food cupboards is a great way to keep roaches away. Without access to easy meals, you'll force your roaches to go searching for food elsewhere.

In desperation, they're likely to start fleeing their hiding spots and coming out into the open more frequently. This gives you the chance to spot where they flee and pinpoint exactly where they are hiding.

Find Roach Poop

Most roach feces looks a lot like black coffee grounds and is most commonly located near common activity centers, such as feeding areas or the entrances to their lairs. Spotting high concentrations of roach feces can help you identify where they are feeding and hiding.

Remove all the food from your cupboards and clean them with soap and water. Store your food in locked boxes which roaches cannot access. Why? Because this will force the roaches out of your cupboards and keep them free of feces. Once your cupboards are no longer a cockroach toilet, they'll have to "go" elsewhere. Spot these areas to find the areas of your home where your roaches prefer hanging out.

Flush Them Out with Beer

Here's a fun fact: cockroaches love beer. In fact, if given the chance, they'll drink enough of it get pretty drunk. Use the alcoholic tendencies of roaches to your advantage by creating this simple roach bait and trap. Fill a mason jar about halfway with beer and place a slice of bread inside. Now, rub the lip of the jar with Vaseline or another slippery substance.

Place multiple traps like this around your home and wait. The scent of the beer (and the rapidly rotting bread) will quickly attract roaches. Once inside the jar, they'll be too heavy with beer to climb out and will also likely slip on the Vaseline. Obviously, you're not going to kill a whole colony of roaches with this technique. But, it can help you identify areas of your home where their population is the densest.

And that's the most important part of these techniques: identifying where your cockroaches are hiding to streamline your pest control expert's job. They'll appreciate the help and will, undoubtedly, get the job done a little quicker thanks to your keen help.

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