The Antagonizing Ants

The Antagonizing Ants

6 Steps To Permanently Remove Ants From Your Home

by Megan Schmidt

If pesky ants are forming trails around your home, then you have come to the right place to learn how to get rid of them!

By following these six simple steps, you can permanently evict the ants from your home:

Step 1: Locate Entry Points and Nests

All ants live in nests located underground. A single ant colony can contain hundreds of thousands of ants.To completely rid your home of an ant problem, you need to kill the entire nest. If you don't, then the ants will continue to breed and find ways into your living space. 

The easiest way to locate the ants' nest is to follow the line of ants you see in your home. Follow down the line to determine where the ants are entering the house. Go outside and continue to trace their lines back to their nest. At the nest you will see some holes in the ground and many ants entering and leaving the nest.

Step 2: Spray Insecticide on the Ants' Nest

Once you have located the nest, then you should spray it with a residential insect killing spray. The products that contain bifenthrin work best for this application.

After you liberally spray the area, then you should cover the nest with a piece of metal or a large rock. This will keep as many ants in the nest as possible.

Step 3: Clean All Pheromone Trails

Ants use chemical pheromone trails to communicate food and water sources with each other. You need to completely remove their trails. You can spray the areas with a mixture of water and one of the following:

  • pine cleaner
  • vinegar 
  • dish detergent

You should not use a mixture of bleach and water, unless you will be spraying an area which cannot be damaged by the bleach, such as a tile floor.

Step 4: Spray an Insecticide Barrier

Using a pressure sprayer, you should spray a protective barrier or insecticide around the lower eight inches all the way around the foundation of your home.

For this application, you should use an insecticide that contains one of the following poisons:

  • bifenthrin
  • permethrin
  • deltamethrin

Spray the area during a warm day when there is no wind. This will help to keep the poison in place along the foundation of your home. The insecticide barrier will keep ants from entering your home.

Step 5: Caulk and Seal Access Routes

Using silicone caulking, caulk all access areas where ants are entering your home. Some popular areas to look for are:

  • cracks in door jams
  • cracks around windows
  • missing mortar between bricks

If you use a paint-able caulking, then you can paint the caulking to match your home's paint scheme.

Step 6: Trim Vegetation

Finally, you need to trim any vegetation around the base of your home, so that it does not give the ants a way to access your home above the insecticide barrier.


By following the above steps, you can permanently stop ants from entering your home and making a mess. If you need additional help ridding your home of ants or other pests, then you should contact a pest exterminator such as Arab Termite and Pest Control in your local town.



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The Antagonizing Ants

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